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Bop-It sure has come a long ways since I was a child. My brother and I would play for hours challenging each other and now with the new features and challenges, your little one will be entertained and enjoying it as well. What is great and unique about Bop-It! is that it is one of the few toys that work on all three components of audio, visual, and motor skills at the same time with a great Action & Reaction component. Your little one has to work their visual-motor integration to perform the task based on an audio command and it really couldn’t be better for developing those three skills to work better together.

Keeping our kids moving can be a challenge with all the tempting screens, but I truly believe this has stood the test of time! I used to play this as a child and see how long I could go and I think kids will love the challenge as well. Working on their eye-foot coordination, rhythm, balance, and more, this will is a great energy-burning toy that helps with great gross motor skill development.

It’s the simplicity of these building blocks or planks that really make them just so beautiful and great for developing several skills. As children play with these, they are forced to really work on their visualization, visual memory, and visual closure as they visualize what they want to build and creatively use the pieces to build what they are visualizing.

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