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Vision Development Toys and Games
For 1-Year-Olds

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This play kitchen has to be the best one out there. The design is great with so many features and actually includes all of the parts of a real kitchen. After searching through so many with a simple island design and missing key areas of a kitchen, this one really just checked off every box and for not much more than the competing sets. Alison just loves it and even William is pulling himself up to stand up to the counter to play!

And since no kitchen and cooking play would be complete without all the fun things for cooking, here’s a couple of sets that a really well made and again, great bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

Because I do NOT promote screen time, I had to put this on the list to combat screen time in a little one who may already be hooked and needs a fun and much better alternative. This board is great because it is no mess, no paper, totally reusable, creative fun. Because it’s portable, I definitely recommend getting a case just to make tossing it in your purse, bag, or vehicle that much easier.

How fun is this one?! This is a great skill Building toy and encourages creativity as the gears can be moved and rearranged. Specific skills worked on include; fine motor, visual form constancy, visual discrimination, visual closure (seeing how the parts are going to need to fit when one is missing), and visual form constancy. This toy is also a favorite as it has a great Action & Reaction component to it. This requires your little one to move items and interact with the toy to get a fun response from it and thus has a great Action and Reaction component. I really do love this one 

This is a great multi-use toy for promoting fun mobility. The great thing about this push and sit toy is that it can really be enjoyed long before your little one is walking. Because the sides are covered with fun interactive elements, your little one can sit right next to this and play with it or work on their balancing skills and sit on it while you push them around. When their legs are long enough, they can sit and “scoot” themselves along. And obviously, when they are learning to walk, this has really great stability with a longer base to help them on their walking journey.

Again, as I do sports vision training, I do get a bit biased for sports-related toys, but this one really is great. I love that they creatively made this toy with so many little things to engage and interact with.  If your little one isn't standing yet, there are things down low to play with and the height will draw their attention up to their superior field and get them opening up their awareness.  Plus, who doesn't love the eye-foot aspect of kicking the goals!  There really aren't many toys that engage kicking in a fun and hopefully controlled way - and yes I say "hopefully" because I know my little Alison can get a bit crazy dancing, jumping, and spinning on her feet.

If you want to get the kiddos getting physical without breaking the bank, then this jungle gym is the way to go. I was always a very active child and I remember when the ideas of having mini ball pits in your house came about. While I never did get my indoor ball pit, it is really nice that they’ve made this interactive toys so much more affordable. This gym, of course, has much more than my dreamt about ball pit and includes game built into it to work on gross motor skills. This is certainly going to be taking up our indoor patio as soon as our little one is able to enjoy it.

Books, Books, Boooooooks!

If you were to stop by our house and find these books, most have the covers falling off because these are some of our favorites!  We hope you find one you like as well and enjoy!

A simple birthday gift for Ali turned into a book that had to be read every night. The high contrast and simple pictures of this adorable story stole our hearts and I was so excited to see there were more narwhal and jelly tales. I will admit I was even nerdy enough to get the puppets because Alison just loved these books too much and I couldn't resist. 

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