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Vision Development Toys and Games
For 3-Year-Olds

Anything that promotes good gross motor skills is a toy I love. Often times in vision therapy and sports vision training, we incorporate balance boards to increase difficult and incorporate the vestibular system more into our therapy session. Because the vestibular system is directly linked to several visual reflexes, this is always a great area to target. This balance board is great for your little one and can be used for standing, sitting, or even pushup-like positions. Have fun!

These are some of the coolest blocks I’ve ever seen as the designers at Tegu generously and cleanly inserted magnets into them. These blocks are like a 3-D puzzle when you show your child the design they are building and a blank slate of creative block building with an added level when they are just building on their own. These do a great job of developing visualization, directionality, visual-motor integration, and many other skills. I couldn’t help be share more below.

These are really great and totally cover every letter of my ABCs of toys. Access can be early as children can benefit and build so many of the visual perception and visual information processing skills including directionality, figure ground, visual-motor integration, and fine motor skills just from manipulating these in their hands and making simple figures, even if not 3 dimensional. This has a great creativity component and can really grow with your child giving you a great deal that will last.

I thought this was just too cute to pass up and keeps the play very open for creativity. This can be incorporated with other toys for play tea parties or play bakery with sales and play money. This definitely builds many skills as well as visual motor, visual discrimination, figure ground if you were to lay them out and search for the desired piece, and more. Simple and timeless, you can’t go wrong with many Melissa and Doug products.

The list of skills worked on for this visually enticing and problem-solving games may seem pretty endless and that’s why many occupational therapists and myself absolutely love this as a toy/game option. Such skills include visual discrimination, figure-ground, visual memory, visual-motor

While this is certainly a toy that should be supervised during play for choking risk, I think that 3 years old wouldn’t be too early to give access to this amazing skill-building toy! The skills this will incorporate include visual-motor integration, visual discrimination, directionality, figure-ground, and so many more with a great Action & Reaction component. This really is a great example of a toy that is open for creativity but also has intricate and distinct parts to build on many skills.

I love this set because it really allows for more gross motor skills when working with dough and that can be a bit more encouraging when children are younger. While we all love playing with dough, the kits can often include pieces that are more aimed at developing fine motor skills with a great Action & Reaction component. The small pieces are great if the child is ready for that, but if they aren’t, then sometimes the pieces can be put to the side to avoid frustration and then the child is left missing something to encourage the development of their motor skill. So that’s why I really love these pieces. They are a great set!

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