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Size: Small
Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Brand: SpriteGru
Shape: Hexagonal

Smart Design: For smart kid ‘s education. This teaching aids is not a heap of boring geometric shapes but supports innovative education method with shaped like real world objects. Appropriately 2 – 3 inches size perfect for toddler to maneuver
Premium Quality: Thickened 0.2” EVA foam plus strong magnets. No harmful sharp corner, lightweight, ensure safety and easy manipulating. Printed with Non-toxic high gloss ink and laminated with Anti-curl technology. Perfect for home education.
Demonstration Ready: Segments are based with magnets, easy access for any magnetic background like fridge, whiteboard demonstration. Bright color catches toddlers’ attention and makes the figures easy to be identified.
Compact Set: Happy shape family set includes Circle, Diamond, Star, Parallelogram, hexagon and more. 32PCS makes it 16 couple of shapes and their relative real entities.
Visualized Knowledge:Help young students visualize and learning common shapes and matching skills, Enhancing sense of recognition.

32 Shape and Color Magnets with Real World Objects for Comparison & Associative

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