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What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a treatment program, prescribed by a doctor, that works to improve the visual processing system.

The visual processing system in the brain is responsible for visual motor skills as well as cognitive and perceptual functions that can affect everyday activities from comprehending material read in school and work to functioning normally and comfortably in our world.  Vision Therapy works to improve your visual performance beyond just seeing "clearly".

At Performance Vision Therapy we utilize clinically proven exercises and activities as well as the newest and most advanced technological programs and equipment to improve your success rate and increase engagement and enjoyment of every session.

Vision Therapy Benefits and Success Rates

  • 85-95% success rate for many visual disorders

  • Non-invasive, no surgery and no medications

  • Clinically proven and the gold standard of treatment for various vision disorders

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development defines vision therapy as “a progressive program of vision procedures performed under doctor supervision and utilizing lenses, prisms, filters and optical devices individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient. It is generally conducted in-office, in once- or twice-weekly sessions of 30 minutes to an hour and supplemented with procedures done at home between office visits.”

At Performance Vision Therapy, we customize each session and design the exercises and parameters to each patient's needs constantly making adjustments as the patient progresses.

With our eye-tracking and various pieces of advanced equipment, we can record baseline measurements, graph your progression, and show you the results.

The principles of Vision Therapy can be used to treat various visual disorders that are congenital (problems a patient is born with) or acquired from head injuries.  

As the gold standard and the first line of treatment for various vision disorders that can affect a patient's ability to read and perform well in a classroom, vision therapy has been helping patients all around the world for decades.  

Often labeled as "bad" or even "problem" students, as they've fallen multiple reading levels behind and frequently show disdain for reading, developmental and neuro-optometrists are often the first person to truly be able to understand the child's problem, correctly diagnose it, and cure the condition. Misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD is still all too common and many have found the diagnosis was incorrect upon seeing a developmental or neuro-optometrist and performing vision therapy.

In similar ways that physical therapy can be used to improve and strengthen coordination and the neurological signaling throughout the body, vision therapy works to strengthen, correct, and even repair the extraordinarily complex visual system.

Countless athletes have found relief and recovery through performing vision therapy after suffering from a concussion.  Symptoms after a concussion from athletic injuries, car accidents, or other situations often include a visual component as the visual processing system involves almost every part of the brain.  Studies have shown that the majority of those who have experienced any kind of traumatic brain injury or stroke are often suffering from a visual processing problem that can leave them with continued headaches, double vision (even if occasional), blur, poor reading comprehension, poor visual memory, and more.

With many people still struggling with symptoms after COVID infections, we find that visual processing deficiencies such as BVD ( binocular vision disorders) and more can linger for months to years when untreated.  We treat binocular vision disorders that leave post-COVID long haulers and other still struggling and feeling like they never fully recovered from COVID.  Symptoms from BVD can include occasional double vision, occasional blur, headaches, poor depth perception, poor memory, brain fog, dizziness, motion sickness, discomfort in busy environments, and more.

Utilized for decades, Vision Therapy has been clinically proven and is the first choice for treatment of countless visual conditions.

Advancing Your Visual Processing to the Next Level

Countless Professional athletes and teams in every sport around the world have utilized the clinical principles of Vision Therapy in Sports Vision Training to elevate themselves to acheive their peak athletic potential.

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